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What Does $640,000 Accomplish in Lesotho?

The fundraising goal for the Gift of 40 Campaign is $640,000. Here's a quick rundown of what that amount would achieve in Lesotho:

- It falls just shy of completing the funding needed to support the next three years of PIH's program to improve maternal health at 7 of its remote mountain clinics

- It supports 1 remote mountain clinic for a full year (estimating this based on budget at the health center plus a percentage of central budget)

- It would fund stipends for more than 1,000 community health workers and MDR-TB treatment supporters for more than a year

- $40,000 would build mothers' waiting houses at 1 remote mountain clinic, which make it possible for women who live far away to give birth with the assistance of a skilled health professional

- $40,000 would fund food support for HIV and TB patients, orphans and malnourished children at 7 remote mountain clinics for 1 year

- $40,000 would fund transport for patients at 5 remote mountain clinics for 1 year (patient transport includes local donkey/horse rentals and fees for transport by car to the district hospitals for patients who need additional tests or are critically ill.)

PIH's catchment area for the health centers is estimated at 300 – 350,000 people, though it is hard to break down how many are served at each individual clinic. The MDR TB program is national, and thus reaches patients in all 10 health districts throughout the country.